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If you can get online, you can access a casino or sports book.

The accessibility of the Internet has transformed the gambling industry. As jurisdictions raced to capture gaming revenue through regulation, gambling sites found creative ways to reach customers and process payments.

Current attitudes toward online gambling (and gambling generally) are considerably more liberal than in the past. The concept of local licenses has allowed gaming sites to reach customers in a way that is indisputably legal, but operators must now deal with licensing and compliance costs in numerous jurisdictions.

In Canada, because gaming is federally regulated, we have one set of rules that all provinces must follow. According to the Canadian Criminal Code, only provinces, not private operators, can lawfully conduct and manage Internet gaming in Canada. Almost all Canadian provinces offer some form of gaming online. Recently, the Ontario government has taken the position that the ability to “conduct and manage” Internet gaming means the right to license private operators. 

In the United States, unlike Canada, each state has its own set of rules. If you want to be licensed in the United States, you have to apply for a license in each individual state.

Are you an established Internet gaming operator looking for more information about the legality of offering services to Canadians? Are you interested in obtaining a license in Ontario? Would you like general advice on matters related to payment processing, AML and other compliance obligations? 

Are you a start-up trying to navigate your way through a heavily regulated industry? What documentation will you need? Where should you obtain a licence? How do you find payment processing? What are your compliance obligations?

Representative Work in Online Gaming

Drafted risk analysis regarding the offering of online gaming services to players in Canada
Drafted legal opinion for television broadcasters regarding advertising of “.net” site
Assisted client with global licensing and compliance matters
Reviewed business model and advise regarding compliance
Advised with respect to payment processing receivable involving Canadian resident
Provided documentation to app stores, payment processors, and investors regarding the legality of client activities
Negotiated various contracts including service agreements and payment processing agreements

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